Imagine Tony setting up a watergun fight for the team and most of them just have fun with it and then there’s Clint and Natasha teaming up and sneaking around, kicking everyone’s asses because they are unable to take things lightly when there’s competition


DAN: When you do interviews, you’re faced with the choice to either be the most boring person on earth or just get ridiculous things written about you from time to time
JOSH HOROWITZ: Sometimes it might be good to be boring
DAN: It might be but I just get bored of myself

                                [Happy 25th Birthday Daniel Radcliffe! (23 July 1989)]


What would you say to people who are disappointed that they have been sorted into Hufflepuff? (x)




Eddie Murphy at the 60th Academy Awards in 1988

I had to cut this speech down to be able to fit it into a gifset so I uploaded the full thing to youtube and recommend checking it out for yourself.

Time is making fools of us again…


These 3 pics were done the year before last. That was the first time I tried to draw real person.

But actually I haven’t got much improvement on that, or put another way, I actually prefer these 3 than what I can do now…I need more practice


The Magic Begins
↳ 5: Favourite House/Your House: Slytherin