Thirteen-year-old Margot Frank writes to Betty Ann Wagner

Amsterdam 27th April 1940

Dear Betty Ann,

          I have only received your letters about a week ago and had no time to answer right away.  It is Sunday today, so I can take time to write.  During the week I am very busy as I have to work for school at home everyday.

          Our school begins at 9 a.m. till noon then I go home by my bicycle ( if the weather is bad I go by bus and stay at school ) and return for the class beginning at half past one;  we then have class until three o’clock.  Wednesday and Saturday afternoon we are free and use our time to play tennis and to row.  In the winter we play hockey or go skating if it is could enough.  This year it was unusually cold and all the canals were frozen; to day is the first really spring day, the sun shining bright and warm.  Generally we have lots of rain.

In summer we have a two month holiday, then a fortnight  at Christmas and so on for Easter; Whitsuntide only four days.

          We often listen to the radio as times are very exciting, having a frontier with Germany and being a small country we never feel safe.

          In our class most of the children comunicate with one or the other so I do not know children who would want to take up correspondence.  I only have two cousins, boys living at Basel, Switserland.  For American ideas this is not far but for us it is.  We have to travel through Germany which we cannot do or through Belgium and France and in that we cannot either.  It is war and no visas are given.

          We live in a five room flat attached to the only sky scraper of the city being  twelve storeys high.  Amsterdam has about 2000000 inhabitants.  We are near the sea-shore but we miss hills and woods.  Every thing being flat and a great part of the country lying below sea-level; therefore the name Netherland.

          Father is going to business in the morning and returns about 8 p.m.; Mother is busy at home.  My grandmother is living with us and we rent one room to a lady.

I think I have told you quite a lot and I am expecting your answer.

With kindest regards your friend.

Margot Betti Frank

P.S. Many thanks for Juanita’s letter as Anne is writing to her I need not write myself.


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